Fungal Comparative Genomics Lab

Comparative fungal genomics: a gateway to understanding genome innovation and organism adaptation.

The ancient origin of fungi and their remarkable diversity, in combination with their streamlined genomes, make the fungal kingdom an excellent model system to study eukaryotic evolution using comparative genomics. The fungal comparative genomics lab will combine theoretical, computational and experimental approaches to gain insights into the relationship between ecological adaptation, genomic structure and gene content variation among closely related fungal species. One key area of focus is to study genome evolution and host-pathogen interactions using a model fungal system Fusarium oxysporum.

The research at CFGL is supported by:
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Multiple positions are available in studying "Genome evolution using fungal model system Fusarium oxysporum,", "Transcriptional regulatory networks in filamentous fungi", and "Comparative study of plant-fungal interactions". If interested in any, please contact us!

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