Join the Major

All students interested in joining the Communication major are encouraged to see a Peer Advisor to learn more about the major before attending an info session. SBS-ET students can meet with an advisor in the Pathways Center to learn more about the major. Students interested in the major cannot schedule an appointment with a Communication advisor, however, students with greater need will be referred to DUA Marianne Neal-Joyce for follow-up information.

Students interested in joining the Communication major must attend an information session.

There are no more sessions scheduled for Fall 2023. Please check this page in January for updated information about Spring sessions.

Prospective first-year and transfer students applying to UMass Amherst:

Prospective first-year and transfer students may apply to the Communication major when applying to UMass Amherst. If accepted to UMass Amherst and the major, they are admitted directly into the Communication major upon entering the University. Students who are accepted to the University but not to the Communication major may join the major by following the procedure for current UMass Amherst students, below.

Process to become a Comm major for current UMass Amherst students:

The Communication major is an open major; all students in good academic standing may join the Comm major. Students are encouraged to take at least 1 Comm 100-level intro course prior to joining the major in order to be more familiar with the content of the major.

There are a couple steps you must take before entering the major.

Interested students MUST participate in an info session prior to admission to the major. This info session is mandatory and no substitutions will be made. Info sessions are held multiple times each semester: At the beginning of add/drop, in the middle of the semester, and immediately prior to registration. Students who wish to meet privately with a Comm advisor to address individual concerns may do so. However, these private meetings will not substitute for particpation in an info session. Students who are not in good academic standing who want to join the Comm major must meet with Director of Undergraduate Advising Marianne Neal-Joyce to develop a plan for academic improvement.