Connect with faculty, advisors, and peers, and you’ll thrive

The department’s advising system offers Communication majors, and those interested in the major, the comprehensive information and support they need to meet their academic goals. Research indicates that connections with faculty, advisors, and peers in their major help students to thrive, so our program incorporates both academic advising and community-building events—and gives you a home base from which to navigate your studies.


The Department of Communication's advising team provides all Communication students and prospective Communication students with accessible ongoing guidance, support, and advocacy to achieve their academic, professional and personal goals.


We envision a compassionate and comprehensive advising approach in a community-focused environment that recognizes and celebrates everyone's right to learn and succeed.


The Communication advising team values compassion, curiosity, dedication to personal growth, community, access, social justice, integrity, and inclusiveness. We listen closely and actively to each student, staff, and faculty with whom we work.

Lots of ways to get support and information

To make sure your particular needs are met, we have plenty of advising options (click on each heading for more information):

Whom to see for ... 

Click on the link for an at-a-glance guide to who helps with what.

Peer Advisors

Comm peer advisors are welcoming and well-trained upper level Comm majors who can help you with course selection, registration, understanding requirements, and accessing resources and opportunities. Just as importantly, they can give your an invaluable student perspective on the Comm major and campus life life in general.

All first-year and new transfer students are assigned their own personal peer advisor who guides them through their first year at UMass Amherst. Your peer advisor is an upper level Comm student who can connect you with the major, offer tips and insights, invite you to events, and help you to think through course selection. Be sure to watch your UMail for messages from your peer advisor throughout the year. Click above for more information.

Peer Advisors also staff our Comm Undergraduate Advising Office in N323 ILC. The PAs are your first stop for help with add/drop, registration, referrals to campus resources, and periodic check-ins to be sure you're on track for graduation. The office works on a drop-in basis, so no appointment is ever necessary.

Academic Advisors

All students interested in joining the Communication major must see a Peer Advisor to declare the major. SBS-ET students can meet with an advisor in the Pathways Center to learn more about the major.

Every Comm major is assigned an academic advisor who can help you to plan your studies, access opportunities, and think about your future. Check your SPIRE Student Center homepage to find your advisor's name (Aaron Hoholik, Mary Pion, or Marianne Neal-Joyce) and contact information. You can use our convenient online scheduling tool to make an appointment. For more complex advising issues, you are encouraged to see the Director of Undergraduate Advising Marianne Neal-Joyce.

Faculty Members

While your academic advisor and peer advisors are the ones to help you with requirements and progress toward graduation, your Comm professors can serve as an additional source of support. We want you to seek out connections with your professors, who each hold weekly office hours so that you can stop by to chat about your interests in Communication or to get help in their classes. See each faculty member's areas of study so that you can find someone who shares your interests, can sponsor your internships, and can point you torward research and other opportunities in the field of Communication.


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