Sut Jhally

Professor Emeritus
N354 Integrative Learning Center
413 545-1311 (leave message)

I am interested in popular culture and media from the interdependent perspectives of critical cultural studies and political economy.  While my focus is advertising and consumer culture, I am broadly concerned with ideology, consciousness, and politics.  I have been involved in many book projects as author and editor, though currently my research is expressed in the form of educational video through my work with the Media Education Foundation.


PhD, Simon Fraser University

Courses Taught: 

Undergraduate: Advertising as Social Communication; Gender, Sex and Representation; Media, Public Relations and Propaganda. Race, Inequality and Representation. Graduate: The Cultural Theory of Stuart Hall


The Codes of Gender: Identity and Performance in Popular Culture, DVD, Media Education Foundation, 2009

Dreamworlds 3: Dersire, Sexx and Power in Music Video, DVD, Media Education Foundation, 2007

The Spectacle of Accumulation: Essays in Media, Culture & Politics Peter Lang Publishers, New York, 2006.

Social Communication in Advertising: Consumption in the Mediated Marketplace (withWillaim Leiss, Stephen Kline and Jacqueline Botterill), Routhledge, New York, 2005

Hijacking Catastrophe: 9/11, Fear and the Selling of American Empire (edited with Jeremy Earp) Olive Branch, Northampton, MA: 2004

Current Projects: 

Works in progress: Video projects on the privatization of the commons (Silent Theft), the discourses of heterosexual sexuality and domination (Flirting with Danger) and the distorted nature of the American discourse on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict (The Occupastion of the American Mind). Lynn Phillips and I are also collaborating on a qualitative interview project exploring "hooking up" culture among college students.