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Associate Professor, Global Digital Media
Research Fellow 2020-2021, Shorenstein Center, Harvard Kennedy School

Jonathan Corpus Ong (PhD, Cambridge) is Associate Professor of Global Digital Media at the University of Massachusetts - Amherst. In 2020-2022, he is also Research Fellow at Harvard University's Shorenstein Center for the Technology and Social Change Project. He was recently selected as one of 28 Andrew Carnegie Fellowship Awardees (2022-2024). Jonathan has published 2 books and over 25 journal articles in his research areas of global media ethics, digital politics, and the anthropology of humanitarianism. In his recent disinformation studies research, Jonathan uses ethnography to understand the social identities, work arrangementsand moral justificationsof "paid trolls" and political public relations strategists. An engaged researcher, Jonathan has a long record of working closely with humanitarian and human rights organizations. His humanitarian research shaped policy debates about humanitarian accountabilityand localizing aidat the World Humanitarian Summit. Meanwhile his disinformation research influenced campaign finance policy in Philippine electionsand social media platforms' content policy about inter-Asian racist speech.

N354 Integrative Learning Center
Summer 2022: By appointment