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Assistant Professor
N366 Integrative Learning Center
413 545-6346

Soo Young Bae is interested in the far-reaching social and political impact of new communication technologies, with a particular focus on the dynamics of user interaction and information flow in social media platforms. Her program of research explores how the flow of news and information becomes increasingly ingrained in existing social relationships, and how it shapes our attitudes, behaviors, and relation to one another. 

Professor & Undergraduate Program Director
S326 Integrative Learning Center
413 545-2522

My research focuses on language, culture, and social identities, particularly ethnicity and race. I am interested in negotiations of meaning and social identity in face-to-face interaction, particularly in intercultural contexts. My publications include Language, Race, and Negotiation of Identity: A Study of Dominican Americans and various articles and chapters on race, code switching, bilingualism, immigration, intercultural communication, names, and street remarks.
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Burcu Baykurt
Assistant Professor
N356 Integrative Learning Center

My work examines the social and cultural implications of digital technologies, with a particular focus on infrastructures, governance, and inequalities. My current book project is an ethnographic account of test-bed urbanism, in which residents and public officials partner with tech companies to build the "smart city" in urban centers long plagued by divides. My research also takes on a global dimension. My forthcoming co-edited book (Columbia University Press) offers a cross-national historical review of soft power internationalism between 1990-2015. Other projects include research into how economic reporters and experts interact on Twitter, and the role of media and democratic communication (or lack thereof) in popular constitution-making in Turkey.

Allison Butler, Ph.D.
Senior Lecturer & Director of Undergraduate Advising
Director, Media Literacy Certificate Program
N322 Integrative Learning Center
413 545-4609

My research interests are focused on critical media literacy, especially teacher education in media literacy and integrating media literacy into the primary and secondary school classroom.  I co-run Mass Media Literacy, a grassroots organization that trains teachers in media literacy and builds curriculum for critical media literacy across K-12 public schools. My upper-level Comm classes all come with a civic engagement component where students have the opportunity to work in the community and across the state with and on behalf of young people and their media learning. I work with homeschool, alternative school, and public school students on media literacy education. I have published multiple books and articles on the need for, and implementation of, media literacy in the classroom, most recently,Educating media literacy: The need for critical media literacy in teacher education (Brill, 2020) and a forthcoming text on global media literacy education scholar David Buckingham.