The Media Literacy Certificate program, with its emphasis on undergraduate studies, blending of in-person and online coursework, and commitment to civic engagement opportunities, is the only one of its kind in the United States.

Undergraduate students may use this Certificate for multiple purposes. You may use it as part of your application to graduate programs, especially helpful if you want to pursue teaching careers and/or advanced degrees in media studies. Students interested in work with youth, especially in community organizations, social work, health communication and education, will benefit greatly from the Certificate. Because media literacy encompasses both analysis and production, students who want to pursue careers in media production will also benefit from the Certificate.

Broadly speaking, if you enroll in the Certificate program you will learn that media are constructed; the context and industry of the media; the particular role that audiences play; and the value of production as experiential learning. You will learn how to deconstruct texts across a variety of media and technologies and through civic engagement opportunities will be able to apply your learning immediately in the surrounding communities. As a recipient of the Certificate, you will be able to connect your learning to your Major field of study and will be able to put your learning to work immediately across a variety of fields.