Anca Romantan Graduate International Research Award



Anca Romantan (1975-2008)

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In memory of Prof. Anca Romantan, a scholar committed to international research in the field of Communication, the Department of Communication at UMass Amherst is proud to support graduate students' international research with an annual award in her honor.

Prof. Romantan leaves us with a rich legacy of rigorous, imaginative, and critical research and publication. During her brief time at UMass Amherst, she was engaged in new research on the political culture of European globalization. Her last publications focused on the dark side of civil society and the use of new media, by both far right and mainstream conservative organizations, to mobilize nationalist identity in Romania and across southern Europe. Prof. Romantan was also a scholar of transnational “cultures of protest” around environmental, labor, and social rights and the plight of migrants in Europe and the United States. Her earlier work at the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Pennsylvania explored risk, neoliberal governance, and public opinion from the aviation industry to global public health. Prof. Romantan’s proficiency in multiple languages, her deep commitment to complex social theories, and her passionate advocacy of empirical research were reflected in both the breadth of her interests and the care with which she advised graduate students. As a scholar fluent in qualitative and quantitative methods, Prof. Romantan believed firmly in international fieldwork of many kinds to support engaged scholarship.

The $1000.00 competitive grant is awarded to a graduate student in the Communication Department whose primary dissertation research site is outside the United States. The grant supports the student’s travel, living, and/or research expenses and is awarded based on the strength of the applicant’s academic performance and grant proposal.

We are honored as a department to offer this grant thanks to the generosity of Cornel Ban, Anca Romantan’s partner, and many other donors who have supported the fund in her memory.

Previous Romantan Award Winners:

Siyuan Yin

Siyuan Yin's dissertation project explores the political, social, and cultural implications of Chinese labor NGOs' media, communication, and cultural programs and projects to confront social reproduction of cultural inequalities of women migrants in contemporary China. The Anca Romantan grant will provide financial support for Siyuan's six-month field research in Beijing, China.

Su Young Choi

Su Young Choi used the Romantan grant for field research in South Korea on the protest between the farming villagers in Miryang and the state-run Korean Electronic Power Corporation over the construction of transmission towers on their (expropriated) lands. Her research contributes to knowledge about how specific historical and political economic contexts come into play in constituting communication ecologies, especially in the South Asian context.

Diana Coryat

Diana Coryat’s research is focused on an urban youth movement in Ecuador that opposes the extractive politics of the Ecuadorean government. Specifically, the movement has tried to stop the plans to drill for oil in the Ecuadorean Amazon, one of the most bio-diverse regions on the planet. The fellowship enabled her to travel to the Amazon to understand the relationship between the urban movement and the region.

Dijana Jelaca

The Romantan grant aided Dr. Jelaca in covering research travel expenses to the region of the former Yugoslavia. Her dissertation was about trauma narratives in post-Yugoslav cinema, particularly as they relate to the recent inter-ethnic conflicts in the region.

Nadezhda Sotirova

Dr. Sotirova’s dissertation research included a six-month field trip to Bulgaria for her doctoral research. Her goal was to understand oplakvane, a particular Bulgarian way or style of speaking that is most comparable to “complaining” in the United States, but is colored by its particular cultural ethos.

Elena V. Nuciforo

Dr. Nuciforo used the Anca Romantan award to do fieldwork in Russia where she collected ethnographic data. Her doctoral research explored Russian people's communication concerning alcohol consumption. The study offers a new way to look at what is considered to be a dire public health issue in Russia.

Liliya Karimova

Dr. Karimova used the Romantan grant to complete the final stage of her dissertation data collection in Kazan, Tatarstan. In her ethnographic research, she investigated the rise of Muslim piety among Tatar women in the central Russian republic of Tatarstan and the role piety stories - narratives about becoming practicing Muslims - played in their personal and social transformation.

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