Scholars of Color in Communication (SCC)

Scholars of Color in Communication (SCC) is an organization for graduate students, faculty, and staff of color in the Department of Communication at the University of Massachusetts Amherst including international scholars who do not identify with the racial majority in the United States. The purpose of this group is threefold. First, to create a space for networking and mentoring, as well as to share concerns, strategies, hope, and achievements. Second, to advocate for institutional support that increases the enrollment, hiring, and retention of people of color—students, faculty, and staff—in Communication as a department and as a discipline. Third, to fight systemic oppression, specifically around issues of race, by denouncing racism and xenophobia, and promoting an intersectional understanding of race with concern for class, gender, sexual orientation, ability, and religion. 


2021-2022 SCC Board Members:

Soo Oak Yoo and Porntip Israsena Twishime (Co-Chairs)

Yena Kang (Treasurer)

Dr. Kimberlee Pérez (Faculty Advisor)

Please contact the SCC Board Members if you'd like to be involved and if you have any questions.

Soo Oak Yoo

Porntip Israsena Twishime

Yena Kang

Kimberlee Pérez