Department Statement in Solidarity with Asian and AAPI Communities

We, the members of the Department of Communication community, express our solidarity with the members of the Asian, Asian American, and Pacific Islander communities in our department, at our university, and in the wider world, and we join those speaking out against anti-Asian, Asian American, and Pacific Islander racism. We are devastated by the abhorrent acts of violence against AAPI women and others in the recent events in Georgia. We are horrified by the increase in assaults, attacks, and harassment against Asian and AAPI people over the past year, which have often targeted the most vulnerable community members including women, the elderly, and youth. We call on Communication scholars to (continue to) tackle the issues that have contributed to the anti-Asian sentiment connected to these murders and other violent events, including conspiracy theories, mis/dis information, and racialization of Covid-19 by the Trump administration and mainstream media. Read the complete statement online.