Porntip Israsena Twishime

PhD Candidate

Porntip (Ploy) Israsena Twishime is a storyteller, educator, and doctoral candidate in the Department of Communication at UMass. She is also a recipient of the 2022-2023 MIT Diversity Predoctoral Fellowship in the School of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences. She researches stories and storytelling as a mode of communication and a methodology for communication studies. Her creative research practice considers the relationships between empire, race, gender, class, and sexuality in Asian America. 


Storytelling, (Southeast) Asian American Studies, Performance Studies, U.S. Empire, Narrative, Queer & Women of Color Feminisms


You can find my work in zines, online art spaces, and academic journals—such as International Review of Qualitative Research. Please visit for more information about my work and featured projects.