Menno H. Reijven

PhD Candidate

Menno is a doctoral candidate (ABD) in Language and Social Interaction, working within (cultural) pragmatics and ethnomethodology. Currently, Menno studies election debates as a cultural and institutionalized discursive practice. In addition, in collaboration with Eean Grimshaw and Gonen Dori-Hacohen, he is working on a book analyzing the structure and impact of presidential candidates’ appearances on late-night talk shows.


political discourse and rhetoric; political media events; pragma-dialectics; pragmatics; ethnomethodology, speech codes.

  • University of Amsterdam: MA in Communication and Information Studies
  • Maastricht University: BA in Liberal Arts and Sciences
Courses Taught: 
  • Comm118: Introduction to Interpersonal Communication and Culture
  • Comm250: Interpersonal Communication
  • Comm260: Public Speaking
  • Reijven, M. H. (2021). The Co-Construction of Campaign Argumentation on U.S.A. Late-Night Talk Shows. Journal of Argumentation in Context, 10(3).
  • Reijven, M. H. & Townsend, R. M. (2021). Communicative Competence and Local Theories of Argumentation: The Case of Academic Citational Practices. In: D. Hample (Ed.), Local Theories of Argument (pp. 497-503). Taylor & Francis.
  • Grimshaw, E. & Reijven, M. H. (2021). U.S. Presidential candidates’ use of the first-person plural on Entertainment-Political Interviews. In: M. Kirner-Ludwig (Ed.), Fresh Perspectives on Major Issues in Pragmatics (pp. 61-81). Routledge.
  • Scharrer, E., Warren, S., Grimshaw, E., Kamau, G., Cho, S., Reijven, M., & Zhang, C. (2021). Disparaged dads? A content analysis of depictions of fathers in U.S. sitcoms over time. Psychology of Popular Media, 10(2), 275–287.
  • Reijven, M. H., Cho, S., Ross, M. & Dori-Hacohen, G. (2020). Conspiracy, Religion, and the Public Sphere: The Discourses of Far-Right Counterpublics in the U.S. and South Korea. International Journal of Communication, 14, 5331–5350.
  • Reijven, M. H., Grimshaw, E. & Dori-Hacohen, G. (2020). “That’s Not Funny!” Identity and the organization of interaction on USA entertainment-political interviews. Discourse, Context & Media, 35, 100386.