Yijun Sun


Yijun Sun works in the field of media theories and the history of technology and culture. Her work looks at the history of technology and digs into the operative chains of abstract and concrete machines that produce and sustain reality between nature and culture. She is interested in the essence of communication and mediation in the intersection between human bodies and technical objects. Yijun is writing a dissertation on a media archaeology of thermionic vacuum tubes between 1857 to 1954. In this dissertation, she explores the materiality and operational chains underlying media and media functions by focusing on the evolutionary history of a key technical entity in wireless telecommunication—vacuum tubes. She has a forthcoming paper with Cultural Critique titled “The Desire to See: Binary System, Architectural Space and the Ontology of Being-with”.


History of technology, media archaeology, philosophy of communication

Courses Taught: 
  • COMM 191 First Year Seminar
  • COMM 226 Social Impact of Mass Media
  • COMM 250 Interpersonal Communication
  • COMM 260 Public Speaking