Ifat Gazia

PhD Candidate

Ifat Gazia is a PhD student from Kashmir. She previously holds an MA in Media and Development from SOAS, University of London. Her research broadly looks at how global tech manifests itself in Postcolonial societies. She is also the founder and host of The Kashmir Podcast. Ifat is the recipient of the Shuttleworth Foundation flash grant 2021, The Unicorn Fund 2021, Muslim Women in Media fellowship 2020 and the Research Enhancement And Leadership fellowship 2019-2024. 


Kashmir, HCI, Big tech, Misinformation, Censorship and Surveillance. 


Gazia, I. (2021). Silicon Valley must not silence Kashmir. Tech Policy Press. 

Gazia, I. (2021). Panopticon of kashmir. The Markaz Review.

Gazia, I. (2021). In Kashmir internet access and social media visibility are both an uphill battle! Zanaan Wanaan. 

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