Cecilia Yuxi Zhou

PhD Candidate

Cecilia is a PhD Candidate whose research itnerests include Chinese digital parenting, adolescents’ media use and wellbeing, media literacy and youth culture. She studies young people’s engagement with media from a cultural studies perspective primarily using qualitative methods, including interview, photovoice, textual analysis etc. She also sometimes use some quantitative methods, such as survey and content analysis for the purpose of triangulation and generalization.



adolescents’ well-being and media, digital parenting, media literacy, youth culture, transnational audiences

Courses Taught: 

Comm 191 First Year Seminar

Comm 375 Writing as Communication

Comm 331 Program Process In Television Production


Her recent publication has appeared in International Journal of Communication, Journal of Media Literacy Education, and The Communication Review. She has also contributed to a chapter focused on media literacy in Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Communication