J.D. Swerzenski


J.D. Swerzenski is an ABD PhD Candidate at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst studying critical pedagogy, critical media literacy, and software studies. His work explores the role of media production and instructional software play in structuring learning practices and reproducing culture, as well as how educators might retheorize our use of technological tools to support critical engagement and challenge hegemonic representations.


Media production, film studies, critical pedagogy, visual communication, software studies, critical media literacy


University of Oregon: MS in Media Studies

Trinity University: BA in Communication

Courses Taught: 

Comm 140: Introduction to Film Studies

Comm 331: Program Process in TV

Comm 375: Writing as Communication




Sept. 2021

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Aug. 2021

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Jul. 2021

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Jun. 2021

Swerzenski, J. D. (2021). Producing professionalization: analyzing the discourse of Adobe 

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Jan. 2021


Swerzenski, J. D. (2021). Why teaching technology must adapt to our teaching. 

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Apr. 2019

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