Devon Greyson

Assistant Professor
N336 Integrative Learning Center
413 545-6322

I study what people do with information and when this matters to health and social equity. My doctoral research focused on the population of young parents and my postdoctoral research studied the topic of vaccine hesitancy and confidence. Current work continues to explore the ways people and health systems negotiate contested knowledge in everyday life, and how information could be used more effectively to promote the health of populations. Primarily a qualitative methodologist, I also have an interest in arts-based methods and in knowledge translation and exchange.

Health-related information practices (seeking, encountering, assessment, management, sharing, and use) of youth, parents, and families; Information interventions (surveillance and communication) for population and public health; Health information ethics; Information use and decision-making related to GLBTQ health, reproductive health, parenting, vaccination, cannabis


PhD (2015) University of British Columbia / Interdisciplinary Studies (emphasis: population and public health, information behaviour, gender)

MLIS (2006) University of British Columbia / Library and Information Studies (emphasis: youth services, intellectual freedom, information policy)

BA (Hons.) (1997) Oberlin College / Women's Studies, Music

Courses Taught: 

Undergraduate: Health Communication; Gender and Interpersonal Communication; Health Information Interventions. Graduate: Qualitative Research Methods



The Activated Patient Paradox

Population Health Information Interventions

The Impact of Teen Mom Reality Shows

Information Triangulation

Communicating with Young Parents


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Current Projects: 
  • Cannabis use decisions in pregnancy and lactation
  • Sympathy sockpuppets in online communities
  • Improving vaccine confidence through information interventions policies
  • Information practices and young parents