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Recent Master's Theses

Full documents are available electronically through ScholarWorks@UMass Amherst or ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Database.


Lanthorn, Kylie. Vietnam without Guarantees: Consumer Attitudes in an Emergent Market Economy.

Marmon, Sarah. Social Reproduction in the New England Community College System: A Critical Cultural Studies Perspective.



O'Malley, Donica. Ginger Masculinities.

Shorey, Samantha. Fragmentary Girls: Selective Expression on the Tumblr Platform.

Stoddard, Carmella. Cultivating Color-blindness?: The Impact of TV-viewing, Racial Policy Reasoning, and Colorblind Racism on Opposition of Affirmative Action Policies.



Lawrence, Stephanie. The Effect of Colorblind Racial Ideology on Discussion of Racial Events: An Examination of Responses to the News Coverage of the Trayvon Martin Shooting.

Mustain, Paige. Digital Capitalism Today: IT Industry-Led Public Private Partnerships in a Northeastern Public School.

Olson, Christine J. "I’m Going to Use My Voice": The Underrepresentation of Women in Digital Content Production.



Chew, Chang Hui.  Censored Kids and Piracy: An Examination of Film Censorship in Singapore.



Boudreau, Tyler.  Counterinsurgency Doctrine and the "War on Terror": A Narrative and Textual Analysis of the Army Field Manual 3-24.

Cassidy, Kathryn. Bringing the Frame into Focus: How Cable News Pundits Protect the Glass Ceiling.

Cerulli, Tovar.  Meat and Meanings: Adult-Onset Hunters' Cultural Discourses of the Hunt.

Soha, Michael.  Networked, Collaborative, and Activist News Communities Online: A Case Study of Reddit and Daily Kos.

Walsh, Kimberly R.  Bullying on Teen Television: Patterns Across Portrayals and Fan Forum Posts.

Zhang, Dan.  Linguistic and Cultural Contact Phenomena in a Mandarin Class in the U.S.



Kumar, Hari S.  Decolonizing Texts: A Performance Autoethnography.



Drew, Shara Dunn.  Vilification in Fox’s 24.

Hasan, Fadia.  Fair Trade Practices in Contemporary Bangladeshi Society: The Case of Aarong.

Pradhan, Jinni.  It’s My Passion, That’s My Mission to Decide, I’m Going Worldwide: The Cosmopolitanism of Global Fans of Japanese Popular Culture.

Yakupitiyage, Thanushka N.  Media and Immigration in Post 9/11 America.



Robb, Margo L.  Community Radio, Public Interest: The Low Power FM Service and 21st Century Media Policy.

Steblea, Jeffrey J.  Is She a Positive Female Role Model?: Perceptions of the Female Action Hero Among Teenage Girls.



Kang, Kyoung-Lae.  Novel Genres or Generic Novels: Considering Korean Movies Adapted from Amateur Internet Novels.



Boulton, Chris.  Trophy Children Don’t Smile: Fashion Advertisements For Designer Children’s Clothing In Cookie Magazine

Coryat, Diana M.  Constructing a Pedagogy of Critical Youth Media: A Case Study of Global Action Project.

Dilip, Meghana.  Rang de Basanti: Consumption, Citizenship, and the Public Sphere.

Lan, Qiao.  Immigrant Perceptions of Advertising amid Acculturation Levels, Stress and Motivation

Paradise, Phyllis.  Leadership Enactment in a Small Group: A Constitutive Communication Approach.

Siibi, Razvan.  “Romanianism” and “Romanianness”: Two frames of Romanian identity.

Wisneski, Kirsten.  Maximizing Masculinity: A Textual Analysis of Maxim Magazine.



Kostides, Joanne.  Press Coverage of the 2002 Biennial Review of Media Ownership Rules.



Bergstrom, Andrea M.  From Fantasy Dates to Elimination Ceremonies: A Content Analysis of Gender, Sex, and Romance on Reality Television.

Chelaru, Iris S.  Behind the Virtual Wall: Information Society Policy in Hungary, Romania, and Ukraine.

Weye, William H.  Audiences as Producers: Creating Brand Value in Cyberspace.

Zeng, Ya.  College Students’ Adoption of Instant Messaging, Online Shopping, and Music/Video Downloading.