Who We Are

Mission Statement

Our mission in Communication is to pursue research, teaching and outreach rooted in an understanding of communication as the primary process through which persons, societies, and cultures are formed and change. While many study communication as phenomena in the world, our department takes communication as not only data, but as its primary theoretical concern. Our scholarly mission is to undertake research in communication processes at global, national, institutional, group, and interpersonal levels; to promote a consciously critical disposition in communication research, where familiar questions are expanded and recast, sometimes combining research methods and strategies that elsewhere would be considered unusual bedfellows (e.g. rhetoric and performance, content analysis and textual criticism; criticism and survey research); and to address matters of pressing social and cultural concern through the lens of communication as a process essential to our survival as a species and a polity, e.g. cultural, social and economic participation, citizen engagement and information access, environmental and cultural sustainability, and media influence.


Statement Against Racism, Hate & Xenophobia

February, 2017

The Department of Communication publicly and collectively affirms our dedication to creating and sustaining an environment that ensures the safety and respect every person deserves. We condemn racism, hate and xenophobia in any shape or form, and reaffirm our long-standing commitment to understanding and confronting all forms of oppression both at UMass and globally. We recognize that acts on campus and in the nation, tell us that discrimination is far from over and requires scholarly analysis and redress. The faculty, graduate students, and staff of the Department of Communication affirm their commitment to dialogue, inclusion, and equity regarding all aspects of human difference including race, class, gender, age, religion, ability, sexual orientation, and/or nationality.