Engaged Scholarship

The Department of Communication at UMass Amherst advances engaged scholarship in media and communication fostering collaboration among faculty, students, and larger communities (local, regional/state, national, global) for mutually beneficial exchange of knowledge and resources, towards social change or social justice goals.

Our faculty, graduate students, and undergraduate students collaborate with public and private institutions, knowledge professionals, media practitioners and filmmakers, industry and nonprofits, and members of the public to debate critical questions and find solutions to problems that affect communities at a local, national and global scale.

Our research and learning projects promote media and communication for dialogue, inclusive problem-solving, and against different forms of inequality and oppression.

  • Resources for Students. Comprehensive list of classes and career advice for students interested in engaged learning and research experiences, and how to connect them to internships and career paths in media education, the nonprofit sector, public service, social advocacy work, and politics.
  • Engaged Research in Communication. Selected publications of our faculty and students.
  • Projects. Current projects in engaged scholarship in communication.
  • Our Partners. Community partners in current engaged research and learning projects.