Comm Alumna Creates Internship Fund

Thanks to a generous gift provided by alumna Elaine Nord, Communication majors planning to do mass media-related internships during the summer may now apply for funding through the Elaine E. Nord Internship Fund for Creative Communications. Nord, who graduated from UMass Amherst in 1981 with a degree in what was then called Communication Studies, established the competitive fund to help one Comm student per year to cover some of his/her expenses associated with an internship. “Many creative communications internships are unpaid and/or are located away from campus or home and present a financial dilemma,” she said, adding that the fund “will help the student considering a nonpaid or low-paying creative communications internship to defray some costs” if he/she is selected.

Nord, who said she couldn’t afford to do an off-campus internship when she was a student, knows that an internship can be an expensive proposition, especially during the summer; nevertheless, she believes that students should start pursuing their career dreams while still in college, and that internships can play a key role in their professional development. “I created the fund so that a student can explore their passion in the work world even if that exploration means [financial] hardship,” she said. “An internship will result in meeting more people and developing contacts in and out of the field; it will enhance your personal statement and may lead to a permanent job.”

The deadline for applications is April 1, and students need not be on financial aid to apply. Importantly, the planned internship must take place during the summer. Full details, including an online application form, are available by clicking here.