July 3, 2024

The Stuart Hall Archive Project is a three-year research programme launched by the University of Birmingham in 2023 to foster and extend research and engagement with the papers of Stuart Hall and the Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies, held at the Cadbury Research Library. 

Call for Papers

The conference organisers invite contributions that engage with the history of Hall’s work, or extend that work into the present. This might include (for example) research that explores:

Hall’s work on identity and social and cultural formations, through his concepts of ‘diaspora’, ‘Créolité’, and the ‘cosmopolitan’, and through his critical examination of national, racial, and ethnic representations and identifications; 

reflections on Hall’s politics, including his commentaries on contemporary political developments (and the relevance of those commentaries today), his relationship to Marxism, his contribution to theories of the state, socialism and Parliamentary and extra-Parliamentary political practice; 

the development of Cultural Studies by Hall at the Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies (CCCS) and later the Open University and his analyses of popular culture, media, youth sub-cultures, deviancy and crime;

the distinct forms of educational practice that Hall developed whether in higher education, or in schools and non-traditional educational environments, and how his practice might be inform educational practice and theory today;

the geographies and histories of Hall’s intellectual and cultural work—the networks, communities and traditions that he engaged in, intervened in, extended or established; 

his engagement with feminism, Black political thought and activism, the arts, and the politics of sexuality;

and his contribution to debates on history, heritage, the extended, constituted and living archive.

If you are interested in presenting a 20 minute paper summarising your research, please submit an abstract using the following format:

Abstracts should be submitted using the form available here. Please include:

·       Name, affiliation, email address

·       Title

·       A 300-word abstract

·       Five keywords

For queries contact @email

We will also consider alternative formats of presentation or session proposals, including but not limited to—roundtables and other discussion formats, workshops, performance works, guided walks and tours, audio-visual broadcasts. 

Proposals should be submitted using the form available here. Please include:

·         Name of main contact

·         Names of participants other than contact (if relevant)

·         Title

·         A 300-word description of the proposed event, including details of technical requirements

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DEADLINE FOR ABSTRACTS and PROPOSALS: Thursday 25 July (23:59, UCT+1)

Notification of acceptance of Abstracts: Friday 6 September

Registration Opens: Monday 16 September

Confirmation of Programme: Thursday 4 October


Stuart Hall: Positions and Trajectories

International Conference, 31 October – 2 November 2024

Stuart Hall Archive Project

Confirmed Keynote Speakers: 

Prof Ruth Wilson Gilmore

Prof Jeffrey Williams (Carnegie Mellon University) with Em Prof Catherine Hall


Purpose of the Conference

The Stuart Hall Archive Project is hosting an international conference—‘Stuart Hall: Positions and Trajectories’—providing an opportunity to assess the lasting significance of Hall’s cultural, political and pedagogical interventions throughout the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. Hall made interventions across a diverse range of knowledge disciplines, cultural practices, and political formations, often identifying, clarifying and transforming major debates of his time. Subsequently, Hall’s work has been taken up by, and extended, in a number of directions. The conference will bring together researchers who are investigating the history of Hall’s intellectual and political formation and development, with those who work in critical dialogue with Hall’s work in the analysis and transformation of the present. Open to artists, cultural and political activists, as well as scholars working in cultural studies and arts, humanities and the social sciences, ‘Stuart Hall: Positions and Trajectories’ aims to provide a forum for critical dialogue and debate.