Communication Governance Agreements

Download the Memorandum of Faculty Governance.

Download the Policy on the Continuing & Professional Education Appointment Process.

Deparment of Communication Faculty Publication Series

Department Chair: Sut Jhally

Department Personnel Committee*: Marty Norden (Chair), Benjamin Bailey, Gonen Dori-Hacohen, Jonathan Ong, Anne Ciecko

College Personnel Committee: Leda Cooks

Search Committee for Faculty Hire: Sut Jhally (Chair), Martha Fuentes-Bautista, Jonathan Ong, Danbi Yoo (Grad Rep)

Undergraduate Studies Committee: Benjamin Bailey (Director), Allison Butler (CUA), Bruce Geisler, Kimberlee Pérez

Honors Program Director: Allison Butler

Academic Advisors: Allison Butler (CUA), Aaron Hoholik, Marianne Neal-Joyce

Course Directors: COMM 191, Mari Castañeda; COMM 226, Soo Young Bae; COMM 250, Alena Vasilyeva; COMM 260, Kimberlee Pérez; COMM 331, Dave Maxcy; COMM 375, Leda Cooks

Graduate Program: Henry Geddes (Director), Kathy Ready (Secretary), TBA (Grad Rep)

Graduate Studies and Admissions: Anne Ciecko (Chair), Briankle Chang, Gonen Dori-Hacohen

Community, Climate, & Social Justice Committee: Seyram Avle, Shawn Shimpach, Stephen Gencarella, Briankle Chang, TBA (Grad rep)

Research & Intellectual Life Committee: Martha Fuentes-Bautista (Director of Engaged Research & Teaching), Devon Greyson, Briankle Chang, Alena Vasilyeva, Seth Goldman (Spring)

Programming & Events Committee: Stephen Gencarella, Devon Greyson, Erica Scharrer (spring), Shawn Shimpach, Burcu Baykurt

*Members of the Personnel Commmittee are elected every spring for a one-year term beginning the following fall. Membership on other committees is determined by the chair of the department each spring for one-year terms beginning the following fall.