Traveling to Campus


Thursday, May 9 through Saturday, May 11, 2019, UMass Amherst welcomes thousands of graduates, families, friends, faculty and guests to campus for Undergraduate Commencement, Commissioning, and Senior Recognition Ceremonies.

Please be advised that, on Friday, May 10th, there will be heavy traffic beginning around 1 p.m. and lasting through the end of the Undergraduate Commencement ceremony around 7 pm. We ask that if you are arriving on campus to attend a senior recognition ceremony that you park, enjoy the ceremony, then take the public transportation provided or walk to McGuirk Alumni Stadium to the Undergraduate Commencement Ceremony. Guests with disabilities or limited mobility are encouraged to contact Disability Services at 413-545-0892 or visit Accessibility Information for additional support/services.

We look forward to having you on campus and celebrating with our graduating seniors.

Accessibility for Undergraduate Commencement on May 10, 2019
Parking and Lift-Equipped Shuttles for Guests with Disabilities
To minimize the need to travel long distances, guests with limited mobility should be dropped off at one of the designated bus stops regularly serviced by shuttle buses. Guests with HP or V plates/placards or drivers escorting guests with limited mobility may complete the Reserved Accessible Parking Form to request the closest parking available to the stadium. Spaces are limited and preference will be given to those with HP or V plates/placards who register first.

Golf-carts will be available near the reserved accessible parking area before and after the ceremony, to assist guests with limited mobility get to and from the stadium and parking area. Complete the Reserved Accessible Parking Form by April 19, 2019 to request parking for guests with disabilities. You will receive email confirmation of your parking request and a parking pass and information packet will be mailed to you. Guests attending a Senior Recognition Ceremony (also on Friday, May 10, 2019) are encouraged to complete the Reserved Accessible Parking Form. When arriving on campus you will be directed to the HP lot closest to the venue of your ceremony. Please visit the website for your graduates Senior Recognition Ceremony for details on location and parking. At the conclusion of your Senior Recognition Ceremony, guests with limited mobility have the choice to take public transportation to the stadium or to take their own vehicles and be directed to parking designated for HP or V plates/placards or vehicles with Reserved Parking Passes. Please note, due to increased traffic, travel between venues will take extra time.

  • See Shuttles and Campus Maps for details on how parking and shuttle buses during the ceremonies.
  • See Accessibility Information or call 413-545-2086  for information on parking for those with disabilities.
  • Call 413-577-1101 for information on parking an RV on campus.

Traffic Delays

Traffic into Amherst may be heavy on Commencement Day, May 10, 2019, so plan accordingly. Expect significant delays to begin two hours before the ceremony. To expedite traffic flow and shuttle services, local road closures and detours will be in effect by 2 p.m. Detours will be marked with signs.

Driving Directions

From the South, via I-91 North

Travelers have a choice of two routes:

  • Off Exit 19 in Northampton: From the exit ramp, turn right onto Route 9 and go approximately 4.5 miles to Route 116 North. Turn left onto 116 and go one mile to the UMass Exit
  • Off Exit 24 in Deerfield: At the stop sign at the top of the ramp, turn right (north) onto Routes U.S. 5/10/116, and immediately turn right again at the traffic lights onto Route 116 South and follow it for eight miles where officers will direct you to graduation.

From the North, via I-91 South

Follow I-91 to Exit 25 in Deerfield. At the end of the ramp turn left and follow the road to the intersection. Turn right onto Routes 5 & 10 South. Go one mile, turn left onto Route 116 South and follow it for eight miles where officers will direct you to graduation.

From the North, via I-93 South

Follow I-93 to I-495 South. Follow to Route 2 West. Continue on Route 2 to U.S. 202 South. Follow for about 15 miles to the blinking light at the Pelham exit marked “Route 9 and 116 Amherst.” Turn right and follow for seven miles to Amherst center. Follow signs to UMass. Because of bridge construction on Pelham Road in Amherst, drivers will experience delays along this route. Please plan your trip accordingly.

From the East or West, via I-90

Travelers have a choice of four routes:

  • Off Exit 8 (Palmer/Ware): Follow Route 32 South to Palmer; take Route 20 West to Route 181 North into Belchertown, and then Route 9 West to Amherst. Follow signs to UMass.
  • Off Exit 7 (Ludlow): Follow Route 21 North to U.S. 202 North to Route 9 West to Amherst center. Follow signs to UMass.
  • Off Exit 5 (Chicopee): Follow Route 33 North to Route 116 North to Amherst center. Turn left at the light onto Route 9 West. Follow signs to UMass.
  • Off Exit 4 (West Springfield): I-91 North to Exit 19 to Route 9 East to Amherst. Follow signs to UMass.

Parking and Shuttle Services

Your parking site will be determined by where and when you enter campus. Please park as instructed by police officers and be sure to note your lot number and spot location. Free shuttle buses will make frequent runs to and from the stadium from 3:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.  Allow 45 minutes to park and travel to the stadium. If you attend an event before or after Commencement proper, please travel by shuttle buses and do not attempt to move your vehicle to a different parking lot.

Leaving Campus

Following the Commencement ceremony, all shuttle buses will continue operating until 8:00 p.m. Those wishing to return to residence halls after Commencement may do so only under the direction of police officers. University Police will direct exiting vehicles along designated routes:

  • From Blue Lot 44:  East Pleasant Street to Amherst center, North Amherst, Route 116, and Interstates 90 and 91.
  • From Blue Lots 26, 31, and 45: North Pleasant Street to North Amherst and routes 116 and Interstate 91.
  • From Red Lots 32, 34, and 71: North Pleasant Street to Amherst Center and routes 9 and 116.
  • From Green or Purple Lots 11, 22, 33, 21, 25, and 12: Massachusetts Avenue to routes 116, 9, and Interstate 91.