Workshops In Neuroendocrinology

We plan to invite an expert in a particular innovative technique once per year to give hands-on instruction and discuss pitfalls and limitations. Examples of techniques that will be discussed are: the generation and use of knock-out and knock-in mice, adenoviral gene transfer to modify the genetic makeup of animals or cells; amplification of RNA from small amounts of tissue or even single cells to determine effects of environment, neuropeptides, or steroid hormones upon gene expression in specific neuronal circuits; innovative techniques for studying hormone-sensitive behaviors in semi-natural settings. These workshops involve two presentations given by the expert, one centered around the technique per se, the other around the research focus of the expert. These workshops also include at least one practicum session in which trainees can get first-hand experience to key components of the technique. Our goals are to expand the horizons of our trainees, to provide them the tools and encouragement to work outside the box in which their laboratories may be working, and to establish relationships with scientists from outside the University of Massachusetts.