2022 Summer Institute: Tutor/Mentor AmeriCorps Position


The Upward Bound Summer Institute is a six-week academic and holistic enrichment experience hosted by UMass Amherst each summer. It serves 40 – 60 high school students from Springfield’s High School of Commerce, including Springfield Honors Academy and Rise Academy. The Summer Institute is designed to expose students to a college-like experience. It supports students in their development academically, emotionally, and personally to prepare them for success in college and life. The Summer Institute provides participants with a college-like experience: They take academic courses and engage in artistic, musical, and residential activities to prepare for college and career success. 

Upward Bound is looking for energetic, team-oriented people who enjoy supporting youth. Experience with youth education and/or positive youth development is helpful. The summer program is intensive and challenging; potential candidates should expect a fast-paced and dynamic workplace. 

The program will run for six weeks in June and July. Traditionally, programming is held in person on the UMass campus, but for the past two years, the Summer Institute has been remote. Applicants should be aware that this year, a remote, in-person, or hybrid Summer Institute is possible. Training for the program will be provided and will begin in late June before the program start date. A virtual AmeriCorps Orientation will take place on June 14th, 2022.


-Members must be at least 18 years old and U.S. citizens, U.S. nationals, or lawful Permanent Residents. 

-The UB UMass AmeriCorps Program protects against discrimination based on color, race, ethnicity, nationality, sex, political affiliation, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, religion, or disability. 

-We make reasonable accommodations for interviews and service.

-Satisfactory completion of a criminal history check is required for participation. 

Tutor/ Mentor AmeriCorps Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  •   Provide supervision for Upward Bound participants (high school-aged). Staff will have off-duty time each day. 
  •   Create and maintain a positive, productive, and safe environment for both students and staff, utilizing program policies and positive behavioral supports.

●        Lead daily arrival check-ins at the start of class and goal-setting reflections at the end of class. Keep related data and share daily with program administrators. 

●        Record and submit class attendance, reach out to absent students, and support all students in participating fully in each class offered. 

●        Attend assigned classes, engage in-class activities, and assist Instructors in classroom management.

●        Conduct tutoring sessions as needed. 

●        Build and maintain positive and supportive relationships with students. 

●        Participate in the positive intellectual and emotional development of teenage students in a mentoring capacity. 

●        Respond positively and proactively to student issues as they arise, including enforcing and responding to disciplinary situations. 

●        Plan and hold two weekly evening workshops for Upward Bound participants. 

●        Attend, participate in and support two other weekly evening meetings. 

●        Attend and participate in staff development activities and weekly staff meetings.

●        Other duties as assigned.


These duties and responsibilities will be the same regardless of the program medium.


Preferred Qualifications:

●        Minimum rising college junior who is in good academic standing. Recent graduates and/or graduate students are welcome to apply.

●        Experience working with high school-aged youth.

●        Ability to support students in an academic setting.

●        Ability to model positive behavior in discreet and effective ways...

●        Leadership and success in an academic and/or community capacity.

●        Organized, excellent communication skills, professional attitude, and ability to work well under pressure.

●        Capacity to work in a positive, passionate, team-oriented environment.

●        Awareness of and ability to articulate factors affecting student access and success in higher education, including but not limited to those affecting marginalized students, students from diverse backgrounds, and students with disabilities.

●        Past participation in or with Upward Bound/TRiO programs or in similar academic/ summer residential programs. Identification with at least one of Upward Bound’s targeted demographics (low-income or first-generation background).

●        Positive and proactive developmental approach to behavior and discipline.

●        Experience living in residential dormitories or living on your own.

●        Interest in exploring themes such as equity and access to higher education and issues of race, class, gender, ability, and sexual orientation among other important issues facing the nation and the global community.


●        Living allowance of $2,500 

●        Education Award of $1,679 upon successful completion of 450 hours of service


Dates of program, including staff orientation and training, to be determined.

To Apply:

Please provide a letter of intent and your resume in ONE PDF via email to Program Director Dr. Bridget Hynes at bridgethynes@umass.edu. 
In your letter of intent, please address the questions listed below: 

1.     Why are you interested in working with UMass Upward Bound?

2.     Do you have any experience working with high school-aged students, whether in person or remotely? Please discuss.

3.     What importance do you believe mentoring plays in supporting the academic and personal development of high school-aged students?

4.     What roles do you think race and class play in terms of access to higher education in the U.S.?

5.     What skills and strengths do you have that would support your success in the position?

Please submit all application materials in one PDF. We will contact a select number of applicants upon review.