The Ultimate Race

Ultimate Race Fall 2022Ultimate Race Fall 2022

It was an evening of teamwork, bonding, laughter, competition, and interaction with CMASS and UMPD. Historically, the Ultimate Race, held twice each academic year, is an event by CMASS and the UMass Police Department's Community Outreach Unit. This semester's team registration was capped at 45. The event promotes connection to UMPD and CMASS through a safe, fun, and educational night out and encourages a stronger connection to the campus and surrounding communities. At each "pit stop," groups can engage with the location. Whether learning more about the services offered there or forming meaningful connections with staff, it is something that we might not be able to do in our daily routines.

At the end of the night, the main takeaway is to have fun and know that CMASS, UMPD, and all other organizations and departments who sponsored the "pit stops" are resources for all students.

The race concluded with music breaking the silence of the night courtesy of DJ Boogie. Teams were treated to wings and pizza and taking photos in the photo booth. Prizes were awarded to the top three qualifying teams. 

We will back in the Spring



 The Ultimate Race photo of student participantsFormerly known as the Amazing Race, the UMass Ultimate Race is a bi-annual event  held in collaboration with the UMass Amherst Police Department. This highly interactive event provides an excellent opportunity for team building, engage in healthy competition, as well as interact with members of the UMass Police and CMASS.

UMass Amherst Ultimate  Amazing Race | OFFICIAL TRAILER Fall 2019

Posted by CMASS at UMASS on Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Enroll your team!

Teams consist of three members. The goal is to arrive first at “pit stops” at the end of each leg of the race. Clues are provided in each leg that will lead teams to the next destination where they will perform a task, either together or by a single member. The teams must visit all the destinations and complete the challenges in the order given. The first three teams that arrive back at Wilder Hall or at a designated final pit stop, will be awarded the first, second and third prizes.

How to join:

1. Form a team of three people.

2. Give your team a name.

3. Gather information about each team member (name, campus email, phone number).

4. Give T-shirt size of each member

5. Send all the information to to register.

You will receive email confirmation of your team’s participation. There will also be a table in the Campus Center Concourse where you and your team can register. Food and prizes will be provided. Forty-five teams will be confirmed to compete – first come, first served.

This program happens in partnership with UMass Police Department and UMass Night Out.