Jennifer Lee Felix

Jennifer Lee Felix

Interviewed by: Angela Velosa Hernandez
Posted: 11/19/2013

Jennifer Lee Felix calls CMASS her second home. She was born in Haiti but her first home is Boston Massachusetts where she grew up since the age of one, in a single parent household alongside her two younger sisters and older brother.

Her academic experiences has been very diverse. She attended private school for elementary and middle school and completed her secondary education in a public school. Financial challenges led her to start her post secondary education in a community college. “I hated that I had to go to community college, I knew I was smarter than that and did not feel a sense of belonging.”

However, she realized this was the card she was dealt and made this a productive experience by using resources available to her and joining student organizations such as the Student Senate and the school’s TV station. When she finally reached the point to choose another school to continue her college education she was “more than elated”. Though UMASS was not her destination of choice the financial aid package was appealing.

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