Connections in Color

connections in colorConnections in Color
Wednesdays - Next meeting:  Dec. 5, 2018
Latinx American Cultural Center

The 2nd meeting of Connections in Color is Wednesday, December 5th in the Latinx American Cultural Center (LACC) where we will work on collaboratively building a safe space for healing and wellness.

Our goal is to hear student voices and offer opportunities to come together in a group space that supports healing for students who are looking for group engagement.

Bi-weekly meetings and meeting dates will be announced soon.  In these meetings, students and facilitators co-construct an engaging environment that supports students in finding a space to articulate concerns and navigate their own path towards wellness.

No RSVPs!  Walkins are welcome!

Participate in Connections in Color to find your UMass Voice. This group engages in conversation regarding academic and social pressures of being a student of color at UMass. Topics vary from mental health and wellness, improving self-esteem and confidence, building and improving relationships and so much more.

 The meeting will be facilitated by Christopher Watkins, DuBois Fellow of CCPH and Michelle Youngblood, Success Coach of CMASS.

Confidentiality is highly observed.

RSVP not needed.  Walk-ins are welcome!