Josephine White Eagle Cultural Center (JWECC)

Brief History

jweccThe Josephine White Eagle Cultural Center, established in 1991, was the result of a series of events that started with a campaign from students and staff requesting adequate resources to support the success of Native American students on campus.  At that time the Minority Student Review Commission was formed and charged with recommending strategies to increase recruitment of people with Indigenous ancestries and support services for students of color.  The center is named in honor of Dr. Josephine White Eagle for her involvement in advocacy and mentorship of Native students on campus and someone who was involved in the early developments of a culture center for this population.  Its first home was in Knowlton Residence Hall and in 1993 was relocated to Chadbourne Residence Hall.  Redacted from History of the Josephine White Eagle Cultural Center by Paul Oberheim, Cultural Center Fellow, spring 2018.

Fall 2018 Calendar of Activities

Parking available on lot 49   
Sign in at registration desk with student ID

Open House
Monday, September 10
Fun, munch and mingle

Success Coaching
Every Wednesday starting September 12|
Walk in to plan for your student success

Beading Project
Every other Tuesday starting September 18
Make earrings, for any skill level
Following dates:  October 2, 16, 30 and November 13

Native Voices
One Monday per month starting September 24
Invited guests share experiences and cultural knowledge
Following dates:  October 22, November 5 and December 3

Study Hours
Every Wednesday & every day during final exams
Bring your books, we provide the snacks and motivation

Rock your Mocs Unity Day
Stay tuned!  Coming to you sometime in November

Native Heritage Month Community Building Dinner
Thursday, November 15
5:30-7:30 in Amherst Room, Campus Center

Wednesday, December 12
This is an annual winter gathering celebrated by some southern New England tribes.  It originates from a traditional Narragansett give-away celebration.