Facility Usage Policy

Our Mission

The Center for Multicultural Advancement and Student Success (CMASS) is comprised of four integrated functional areas: Academic Support, Student Development, Cultural Enrichment and Institutional Diversity. Using a student centered approach which values collaboration, dialogue and action, the programs and services offered engage first generation multicultural students and colleagues in courageous, inclusive and supportive learning experiences. We aim to create partnerships and collaborative possibilities, provide resources and advocate for students of color and other underrepresented constituencies to ensure academic success and personal growth.

CMASS is actively engaged in the following:

  • Diversity , multiculturalism and Social Justice
  • Transformative Learning
  • Leadership that respects the individual,  group and the community
  • Collaboration

We welcome students, student organizations, faculty and staff to use our spaces, when available, for purposes that enforce our mission and values.


The capacity for each available room, per the state fire codes, will be observed at all times:

  • Room #201 Maximum capacity: 40-50 people.  Couches and tables with chairs are available.
  • Room#102 – Maximum capacity: 30 people.  Tables and chairs are available*

Please note: Requester needs to provide own laptop and projector if giving a presentation is part of the event/activity.  Wilder Hall is Wi-Fi equipped.



Room 102 is handicap accessible.  Requests for reasonable accommodation should be made at the time of the reservation request or as soon as accommodation is known to be needed.


Space in Wilder Hall may be reserved for weekdays only when the University is open.

Please submit any requests to use common space at CMASS at least 5 days prior to planned meeting/activity and use the following procedure:


Procedure for requesting use of a CMASS facility:

  1. Requester [RSO/non-CMASS staff, faculty and administration] will fill out the online form located on the CMASS page with the information for the meeting/activity (time, date, room #).
  2. If requested date/time/room is open, Administrative Staff/Office Manager will add the meeting/event to the CMASS online calendar.
  3. If request is denied, an email will be sent to Requester indicating request is denied.


Expectations for Use of Space:

All uses of University facilities must be in compliance with all federal, state, city, town and/or county rules, regulations, ordinances applicable to the University, and all applicable University policies.

  1. Personal Use:  Please note: the Center may not be used for personal gatherings, storage, housing, establishing residency, or other personal activities.
  2. Minors:  Minors must be accompanied by parent/guardian unless already enrolled at the University.
  3. Alcohol:  The sale, distribution, consumption, or possession of alcohol at the Center is expressly prohibited. 
  4. Food:  Food may be served during a meeting or function but cannot be prepared or cooked at the Center. CMASS will not be able to supply paper goods.  If your group is bringing in refreshments, you will need to bring paper goods and other supplies that are needed for your event.
  5. Misconduct:  Disputes, violations, or misconduct must be reported to the Center’s Director for resolution and/or disciplinary action pursuant to the applicable University rules, policies and procedures.
  6. Illegal Activity: Violations of local, state, and/or federal statutes on facility property are expressly prohibited.
  7. No tape, nails, staples, etc. may be used on facility walls, ceilings or windows.  Candles are not permitted.
  8. Equipment and furnishings at CMASS cannot be removed from the premises for any reason. This request is for use of space only - unauthorized use of CMASS equipment or supplies (e.g., copier, fax machine, etc.) is not permitted. 
  9. You agree to be responsible for the set-up of the room, returning the space to the original arrangement as detailed in the diagram in the room, and ensuring that the space is clean and cleared of trash and recyclables after the meeting/event has ended.
  10. Rooms are inspected between events. Charges for extraordinary clean up and/or damages to the facility and/or resources and equipment are the responsibility of the party requesting the space and will be assessed on a per incident basis.
  11. You agree to be present during the event and maintain use of only the space that the group has requested and no other space within the Center, except for the restrooms.



Event sponsors should notify CMASS at least 24 hours in advance if an event is cancelled or postponed.  Failure to notify of a cancellation may result in the loss of reservation privileges.


CMASS is not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged property belonging to users of the facilities. CMASS disclaims responsibility for injuries occurring in the use of or preparation for the use of the reserved space at the Center.