Contract for Use of Space in Wilder Hall

I agree to be present during the event and maintain use of only the space that our group has requested and no other space within the Center, except for the restrooms.  I understand that I’m responsible for set-up of the room and that the furniture must be placed in the original arrangement as detailed in the diagram located on the back of the room door. I also agree to be responsible for making sure that the room is left clean by placing ALL trash from the event including recyclable items into the main trash/recycling bins located in the entrance hallways as well as wiping down all tables.  I agree to pay for any damages created in the space that our group has requested by those attending and provide compensation for repairs to CMASS within 30 days.

Please keep in mind that CMASS will not be able to supply paper goods.  If your group is bringing in refreshments, you will need to bring paper goods and other supplies that are needed for your event.