Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month (AAPI)

Asian American Pacific American Heritage MonthAsian American  Pacific Islander Heritage Month is observed in the United States during the month of May, and recognizes the contributions and influence of Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians, and Pacific Islanders to the history, culture and achievements of the United States. 

At the University of Massachusetts Amherst, Asian American Pacific Islander  Heritage Month is celebrated in April to accommodate the campus's academic calendar.

AAPI Heritage Month was first established in 1977 when Representatives Frank Horton and Norman Mineta and Senators Daniel Inouye and Spark Matsunaga introduced resolutions asking the President to declare the first ten days of May (the month when the first Japanese immigrants arrived in the U.S. in 1843) as Asian/Pacific Heritage Week. In 1978, President Carter made it an annual event, and in 1990, President George H.W. Bush proclaimed the entire month of May as Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month.



VSA By Night
Friday, April 12 | 6:00pm
Campus Center Auditorium

VSA By NightWe invite you to join us on April 12th for VSA By Night: Vòng Đạp Vòng Đời as we take you through cycles of life. This year's theme, Vòng Đạp Vòng Đời, highlights how, in the bustling cities of Vietnam, bikes are a central part of everyday life. They serve as the threads weaving communities together, taking those from every walk of life to their destination. With every cycle, bikes stitch together stories of perseverance, solidarity, and the enduring spirit of our people. Allow us to showcase Vietnamese culture through a medley of stellar performances, delicious food, amazing prizes, and a special guest artist. We can't wait to see you there!






Asian Night 2024:  Every Fiber of Our Being
Saturday, April 13 | 6-9:30pm
Fine Arts Center

  Every Fiber of Our BeingAASA's 40th Annual Asian Night: Every Fiber of Our Being celebrates the talent in our community and others. We celebrate student performers, as well as featured guests and guest artists. Our annual event is entirely FREE for all, whether you are a student or not










AAPI Month:  Hues of Heritage
Tuesday, April 16 | 5-9pm
Campus Center 163 C

We will be hosting a paint night in collaboration with a few cultural organizations on campus to celebrate the richness of the art and culture of our Asian American Pacific Islander students. We will also have traditional packaged snacks from the AAPI cultural organizations.

YKCC Fan PaintingYKCC Fan Painting
Tuesday, April 23| 7pm
Bartlett 202

Come and join us in creating art by painting some Asian fans.  No experience required.  Snacks provided!  Everyone's welcome!