Meet the Staff

Wilma Crespo NievesWilma Crespo Nieves, Director
Wilma, who holds degrees in environmental science and policy, credits her transition into higher education to positive co-curricular engagement experiences. Previous roles include admissions counselor and academic advisor. She is a native of Puerto Rico and a first-generation college graduate.

Chona Lauyan, Assistant Director for CMASS
Chona is the enthusiastic and passionate lead of Marketing and Publicity. She previously worked with the  United Nations Refugee Program in the Philippines as an educator, supporting Vietnamese, Laotians, Cambodians, Hmong and Montagnard displaced refugee youth in their transition to life in the U.S.

Ophelia Sowers, Office Manager 
Ophelia is the expert in operations management, going above and beyond the call of duty to provide invaluable support to all CMASS units. Her career in higher education encompasses working for Enrollment Services as one of its administrative personnel; and five years as special assistant to the associate vice chancellor in the Center for Student Development.

Doris Clemmons, Associate Director
Doris holds a bachelor of arts in Urban Education; a master's degree in Instructional Application of Computers/Future Studies; and a doctorate in Staff Development / Instructional Leadership in Multicultural Program Development from UMass Amherst.

Celia MaldonadoCelia Maldonado, Assistant Director 
Celia’s experience spans several years as an academic advisor for the Native American Student Services followed by eight years as Assistant Director for the Bilingual Collegiate Program. As a student affairs professional since 1995, Celia also pursued other interests such as community development and grants administration. She is always available to engage students from various cultural identities.

Willie Pope, Assistant Director 
Willie holds a bachelor's degree in Sports Management/Economics from UMass Amherst. He is a dedicated student affairs professional committed to the success and overall development of students. His primary goal is to provide students with the necessary tools and resources to clearly define their personal and professional goals.

Michelle Youngblood, Assistant Director 
Michelle has expertise in supporting men of color in higher education and program assessment. She has been on the UMass Amherst campus since 1998, first as a recruiter in Admissions, then as an advisor in the Native American Student Services Office. She has been with CMASS since January, 2008.

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