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Minoring in Classics

The Classics department offers Minors in four areas, all designed to acquaint the student with the most interesting facets of Greek and Roman Culture. All Classics Minors require six courses with a minimum of 18 credit hours.

Latin Language & Literature

The Latin Language and Literature minor requires five semesters of Latin and Classics 102 (Roman Civilization) or 202 (Age of Augustus) or another course on Roman history or culture.

Greek Language & Literature

The Greek Language and Literature minor requires two semesters of intensive Greek language, one upper-level Greek course, and Classics 100 (Greek Civilization) or Classics 200 (The Golden Age of Greece) or another course on Greek history and culture.

Classical Civilization

In addition to one basic civilization course (Classics 100, 102, 200, or 202), the student takes five other Classics courses at any level. It is also possible to include Greek and Latin language courses in this minor.

Classical Archaeology

Students are required to take Classics 103 (Introduction to Classical Archaeology), one basic civilization course (Classics 100, 102, 200, 202, or 224), and either Classics 300 (Greek Archaeology) or 301 (Roman Archaeology). In addition, they take three other courses in Classical Archaeology numbered 300 or higher