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Eric Poehler


Eric E Poehler

527 Herter Hall


Research Areas

  • Greek and Roman Archaeology
  • Roman urbanism and architectural history
  • Ancient infrastructure
  • Archaeological methodologies
  • Digital technology in archaeological research


Digital Projects:

Pompeii Artistic Landscape Project: The Pompeii Artistic Landscape Project (PALP) is an online resource, based in a Linked Open Data (LOD) format, to encourage sitewide discovery, mapping, analysis, and sharing of information about Pompeian artworks in their architectural contexts. The goal of PALP is to dramatically increase the number of researchers and members of the public who can access, analyze, interpret, and share the artworks of the most richly documented urban environment of the Roman world: Pompeii. PALP is generously funded by a grant form the Getty Foundation's Digital Art History initiative.

Pompeii Bibliography and Mapping ProjectThe Pompeii Bibliography and Mapping Project (PBMP) explores the ways in which physical landscapes can be employed to structure and examine the (metaphorical) disciplinary landscape of Pompeian studies. Specifically, we are working to map the landscape of publications about Pompeii onto the space of the ancient city itself, creating a unified, bi-directional interface to both resources. The PBMP was provided crucial funding from the American Council of Learned Societies, the National Endowment for the Humanities, and the University of Massachusetts Amherst.



Forthcoming. with Allison Emmerson and Steven Ellis. Isthmia XI. The East Field

2017. The Traffic Systems of Pompeii. (New York: Oxford University Press).

2011. with M. Flohr, and K. Cole (eds.). Pompeii: Art, Industry and Infrastructure. (Oxford: Oxbow Books).


Recent Articles and Book Chapters:

2021. Tracing Procession Routes for the Principal Cults in Pompeii.” In: J. Hughes (ed.), Pompeii: Materiality, Sensuality, and Lived Religion. Open Arts Journal. With: I. van der Graaff.

2019. “The Iron Streets of Pompeii,” American Journal of Archaeology 123.1: 237-262. With J. van Roggen and B. Crowther.

2018. “Paving Pompeii. The Archaeology of Stone-Paved Streets.” American Journal of Archaeology 122.4: 579-609. With B. Crowther.

2017. “Measuring the Movement Economy: A Network Analysis of Pompeii.”  In: Wilson, A. and M. Flohr (eds.), The Economy of Pompeii (Oxford: Oxford University Press).

2016. “Digital Pompeii: Dissolving the Fieldwork-Library Research Divide.” In: Averett, A., J. Gordon, and D. Counts (eds.), Mobilizing the Past, (Fargo: University of North Dakota Digital Press).

Courses Recently Taught

The Ancient City, Fall 2021

Roman Archaeology, Spring 2021

Pompeii, Fall 2020