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Detailed listings of courses currently being offered by the Classics Department may be found by visiting SPIRE

Frequently taught undergraduate courses fulfilling the University’s General Education Requirements (no knowledge of ancient Greek or Latin languages required):

Classics 100: Greek Civilization (HS). Survey of ancient Greek society, literature and art from the prehistoric period through Alexander the Great.

Classics 102: Roman Civilization (HS). Survey of ancient Roman society, literature, and art from prehistory through the Roman Empire.

Classics 103: Introduction to Classical Archaeology (AT). Material history of ancient Greece and Rome, including the relation of physical space to social and political development of those regions.

Classics 200: The Golden Age of Greece (HS). Survey of the art, history, literature, and social culture of ancient Greece, focusing on the Persian invasions, the Age of Pericles, and the rise of Athens (5th-century Greece).

Classics 224: Greek Mythology (AL). Structure and meaning of ancient Greek myths, including their social and religious contexts.

Classics 250: The Classical Origins of Western Medicine and Medical Terminology (HS). An introduction to medical knowledge and practice in antiquity as well as to Greek and Roman roots of medical terms.

Classics 261: Greek Voices (AL). Various voices of ancient Greek literature in translation, including selections from the poetry of Homer, Hesiod, and drama; from the prose of historians and philosophers; and others.

Classics 262: Roman Voices (AL). Various voices of ancient Roman literature in translation, including selections from elegiac and epic poets, from historians, and from novelists.

Classics 300: Greek Archaeology (AT). Archaeology of ancient Greek cities and temples, including techniques and ethics of excavation.

Classics 301: Roman Archaeology (AT). Archaeology of the Roman world, including Roman cities and colonies in North Africa and Britain.

Classics 330: Magic in Antiquity (HS). The influence witchcraft and magic had in ancient Greek and Roman society, including the psychology of magic and its relationship to religion.

Classics 335: Women in Antiquity (HS). Lives, roles, contributions, and status of women in the ancient Greek and Roman world.

Classics 365: Greek Drama (AL). Attention to the development, production, and themes of Greek tragedy and comedy.