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A major in Classics is excellent preparation for a wonderful variety of professions including business, government, medicine, law, management, and publishing. A degree in Classics is especially valuable for jobs requiring refined analytical skills, including sciences. The Classics major also prepares students for graduate work in all areas of classical studies, including archaeology, language and literature, ancient history, and museum studies. Students of archaeology have opportunities in the fields of  historical preservation and cultural resources management. Careers in teaching Latin at the high-school level are particularly rewarding, and skilled teachers are very much in demand.

Careers for Classicists,  by Ken Kitchell, is an excellent resource for further information.

A sampling of jobs held by recent graduates of the UMass Amherst Classics Department:

  • Primary Faculty Assistant, W.E.B. Du Bois Institute, Harvard University
  • Staff of Five Colleges, Inc.
  • Conservator, Boston Museum of Fine Arts
  • Assistant Program Director for the Proteus Fund (a non-profit organization)
  • Specialist in the United States Army (101st Airborne Division)
  • Manager, Bank of America branch
  • Proofreader, editor, and typesetter for a Boston publishing firm
  • Antiquarian bookseller
  • Research Division, St. Louis Fed.
  • Assistant Registrar, UMass Amherst

This is only a very short list of possible careers. For more detailed information about the various careers available for students with Classics degrees, we encourage you to access the resources of the College of Humanities and Fine Arts Advising and Career Center (E-202 South College). Their website makes it easy to search for career opportunities and access other relevant information.