SPAN 470 – General View of Hispanic Linguistics

Academic Year:
Fall 2018
Day and Time:
TuTh 2:30-3:45

This course offers an introduction to general notions of language and involves critical thinking, logic and linguistic notation. In this class students will learn the formal properties of the Spanish language: phonology, prosody, morphology, syntax and semantics. The general goal of the course is to present a broad view of the nature of human language using Spanish as an example. In this course students will learn basic methodology in Spanish linguistics. Students are expected to explore the linguistic representations that are part of Spanish native speakers competence. We will pursue questions about the structure of linguistic knowledge of Spanish by studying different areas of its grammar such as syntactic rules, sound patterns (phonology), structure of words (morphology), and meanings of expressions (semantics). Students will be asked to describe and analyze different parts of the Spanish grammar and solve several problem sets.

Prerequisite: Spanish 240 or consent of instructor. As an R2 class, this course presupposes knowledge of basic math skills (R1). Students can demonstrate their mastery of basic mathematical skills by successfully completing certain courses, or by taking the Mathematics Exemption Test.

Percentage of Latin American, Caribbean, or Latino Content: