HIST 120 – Latin America: The Colonial Period

Academic Year:
Fall 2018
Day and Time:
MoWe 1:25-2:15 + Discussion

This course surveys the history of colonial Latin America, examining the encounters between Europeans, the Indigenous peoples of the Americas, and African peoples over the course of three centuries. The class explores the reciprocal effects of this contact. What impact did the conquest have on the peoples, cultures, environments, and demography of the Americas? What were the characteristics of the societies, cultures, and environments that emerged from this ongoing process of contact, conflict, and colonialism? We examine, among other themes, experiences and portrayals of conquest, the formation of colonial communities, the role of the Catholic Church, the formation of racialized caste systems, everyday life in colonial society, and the collapse of empire in the early nineteenth century. Opposing viewpoints and historiographical debates set the tone for at least some lectures and discussions. We make frequent use of textual and visual primary source materials throughout the semester. Assignments for the course include a midterm exam, an assignment based on the analysis of historical sources, a book review, and active participation. (Gen.Ed. HS, DG)

Prerequisite: N/A             

Percentage of Latin American, Caribbean, or Latino Content: