Yang Gyeltshen

Yang Gyeltshen is currently leading a group of five teachers for Lhomon Education, a project of the Samdrup Jongkhar Initiative, a registered civil society organization in Bhutan. The Initiative aims to bring education alternatives to eastern Bhutan and beyond.


Lhomon Education (LME) provides students with “the opportunity to learn and prepare themselves for their lives and to fulfil their daily needs through practical hands-on experience. LME endeavors to make learning joyful for its students.”


In addition, “LME helps teachers create unique curricula for use in a variety of education environments. LME curriculum development workshops and teacher training seminars are open to a wide range of education institutions, including government schools, monasteries, women's organizations, rural education centers, and other formal and non-formal education institutions and initiatives in Bhutan.”


Among the recent activities facilitated by LME include organic gardening taught by a local farmer, which helps students acquire practical skills and promotes collaboration and teamwork; learning about herbal medicines with a local doctor who uses medicinal plants; and trying their hand at the process of making soya beans into tofu.   


Yang taught the contemplative education component of a 7-day mindfulness camp held at Chokyi Gyatso Institute, a monastery in East Bhutan, in December 2016 for 43 participants, including teachers, monks, civil servants and youth from the area.


His doctoral dissertation at CIE was on Contemplative Practices and Learning: A Holistic Approach to Education in Bhutan. [2/17]



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