Whilma Orbeta

Before coming to CIE I worked as a district nonformal coordinator in Gandara 1 and at the same time also served as the district clerk. Gandara is the second largest town in Western Samar.


I came to CIE as part of a program sponsored by the Bureau of Non-Formal Education in the Philippines.  A group of 3 adult educators came to CIE in the fall of 1996.  We were joined by 6 additional adult educators after 4 months – from Mindanao, Bicol and Western Visayas.  While we were at CIE we produced four training modules on literacy.  One of the things I remember most about CIE were the weekly Tuesday meetings.


After leaving CIE I returned to the Philippines and worked in nonformal education teaching adults.  I was mainly involved with family literacy.  


After five years, I returned to working with formal education when I was promoted to the status of master teacher. 


Currently I am the central principal of my former school in Gandara – the Gandara 2 Central Elementary School. My school is kindergarten to grade 6 enrolling a total of 400 students. Beginning the 2021 school year, we have been using a blended learning delivery modality because of the pandemic.  Our school is located at the town proper of Gandara, which is my home town. Formerly I was assigned to the neighboring town for almost 13 years. Gandara is located on Samar Island in the Eastern Visayas region. [1-22]


Email: whilma.orbeta001@deped.gov.ph


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