Now I start to believe that one can make an impossible dream possible, as long as we strongly commit with what we need to achieve. I try to look back into old days in my life; I can’t believe that I have come to this top. I was born and grew up in Cambodia. I am first child - with 2 brothers and 1 sister - who lived day by day in the struggling family based on the tiny income from my parent’s small business. My parents always reminded me that the only thing that can change my life is “Education.” They strongly supported me to go to the college, even it was almost impossible for me due to my family’s financial situation, but I never gave up. I worked very hard trying to Vuthy Longput myself into college and I was the only child in my family who attended and completed college.


After I finished college, I started volunteering in the development field with World Vision-Cambodia where I got my first job, shortly after. With this great first-level job, I tried to keep up study which led me to the higher professional level, from time to time. I kept working on and getting more involved with social and economic development works, taking up more challenging jobs with other international development agencies, such as Oxfam, USAID and Save the Children. With these opportunities, I was able to work and experience, directly and indirectly, within multiple development areas, such as child labor, nonformal and primary education, microfinance, media, basic health care, child protection, HIV/AIDS and safe migration. I was able to travel to other countries in the region and work with people of different backgrounds and cultures. 


I came to the United States in summer 2007 with my wife and 2 kids. I went to Worcester State University for my second Master’s degree. And now, I am here at CIE to pursue my doctorate. I realize that the more I learn the more I don’t know. Taking this advanced degree in the US is a great opportunity, but also a big challenge, especially as English is not my first language. After I started the first week of my classes, I feel like CIE is like one of my previous workplaces, where I can meet and work with people from different countries, backgrounds and cultures. Finally, I want to thank my wife for agreeing to take more family burden and responsibility from me, so that I can fully focus on my study. Without her support and contribution, this opportunity would be impossible for me.        


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