Vamessa Merine

After completing her degree at CIE, Vanessa began working in the Admissions Office of Florida International University in Miami.  She began as a Senior Evaluator/Advisor and in 2012 she became the Assistant and then the Associate Director for Transfer and Transition Services where, among other duties, she was responsible for the redesign and management of their web site.


In 2015 Vanessa was appointed as the Director of Admissions Operations where her primary responsibility was to oversee the business processes and student information data across all departments that enable Enrollment Management to successfully achieve enrollment and retention goals.  [5-20]


Originally from Port-au-Prince, Haiti, before coming to CIE she completed a Master's degree in International Business Administration at Nova Southeastern University. She focused her research efforts on the HIV/AIDS pandemic and its effects on the economies of sub-Saharan African countries. She found that education was not always considered a priority in the humanitarian efforts to rebuild nations devastated by war and/or HIV/AIDS, resulting in millions of displaced children with no hope for reestablishing some type of normalcy in their lives.


Her Master’s degree at CIE used a postcolonial analysis of language, identity and power in Haiti which highlighted the different power relations of the French and Creole languages in maintaining social structures in Haiti.




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