Toon Fuderich

Toon and Rob Fuderich have returned to Amherst, although this time not for the usual two-three week home leaves as has been the case during their three-decade journey, but to stay for a while.   


During the past three decades, Toon has been involved in a myriad of interesting and challenging education positions.  Her activities have included working with a USAID teacher training project in Quetta, Pakistan, working as an elementary guidance counselor in the Amherst Schools (while Rob was in Afghanistan), directing an adult education center in Amherst (while Rob was in Bosnia).


She also taught 6th grade at College du Leman in Geneva, Switzerland, and served as an education advisor with the USAID Office of Afghan and Pakistan Affairs in Washington, DC. During this period, Toon also completed her doctorate at CIE.


Most recently, Toon taught research methods and business communications at Westminster International University in Tashkent, Uzbekistan.


What’s next? Toon hopes to stay involved in teaching, research, curriculum design and teacher training. [4-17]






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