Tsoaledi Thobejane

Dr. Thobejane is currently an Associate Professor in the Institute for Gender and Youth Studies and is also serving as the chairperson of the Research and Publications Committee in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Venda in South Arica. The University is situated in Thohoyandou, Limpopo province.


He visited UMass in September 2013 to participate in the annual Re-thinking Marxism conference, where he presented a paper titled Re-envisioning Radical feminism:The case for South African women, and also attended various conferences in Austria (2017), Boston(USA) (2018) where he also presented papers in the field of Gender,Democracy and Education.


Since graduating in 2004, Tsoaledi has published four books and over 25 articles in peer reviewed journals. These articles tackle issues of gender and development as well as education and curriculum. He is presently supervising eight Master's students and four Doctoral candidates in the areas of gender and youth development. Though he is presently lecturing, he spends most of his time doing research in the field of social justice. This he does with passion as he is himself a torture survivor and an ex prisoner who spent three years in jail for daring to fight against racism and apartheid in South Africa before coming to the US to pursue his studies.


Tsoaledi resides in Mokopane, a town which is located in the Northern Province of South Africa, not far from the Zimbabwean border and has dual citizenship (as a US and South African citizen). He is sometimes tempted to come back to the US because of the political uncertainties characterised by wanton greed, crass materialism and corruption that is hell bent on destroying the fragile democracy that the people of South Africa fought so hard for. He has three children, Damaris (20), Zaynia (8) and Tsoaledi Jr (5)


The first cohort of doctoral students graduated from the Institute for Gender and Yourth Studies in 2019 - pictured here with Tsoaledi in black gown. He thanks the Center for International Education for equipping him with the skills to navigate the sometimes torturous context of academic life. [5/19]


Email: tsoaledi.thobejane@gmail.com  


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