Woolmer Timothy

Tim has pursued two careers, one as educator and one as psychotherapist, and ended up as a manager in both. He spent 5 years in the north west of Pakistan, as Principal of Edwardes College in Peshawar, and then returned to what is now Roehampton University in London.


From 1991until retirement 11 years later he was National Director of The Westminster Pastoral Foundation, a counselling and psychotherapy charity. Since then he has been a part-time director of the West London Mental Health NHS Trust, and a director of Richmond Adult and Community College.His current passions are golf, photography and chess. He is married to Bernadette, who is a psychotherapist They have 3 children who have graduated but not yet left home....which is in Kew. [12-08]



Email: tim.woolmer@virgin.net

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CIE Graduate