Tigran Tovmasyan

Tigran is currently with UNICEF Armenia as Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) Programme Officer. His responsibilities include enhancing project effectiveness in preschools and schools, including special schools; coordinating the development of an action plan for capacity-building activities in education in emergency preparedness and response; supporting national stakeholders for the setup of a coordination mechanism for DRR in education, and promoting the establishment of a national mechanism to provide psychosocial support to and prevent the trafficking of children in emergencies.


Previously, Tigran served as Education Consultant at the International Research and Exchanges Board (IREX) Armenia (2005-2009). While there, he oversaw the completion of five teacher training projects in Armenia: Elementary Level, Middle School Social Studies, and High School Social Studies Curriculum Development and Teacher Training, Pre-Service Education, and Leadership Training for School Administrators. He was also involved in the implementation of the Eurasia/South Asia Teaching Excellence and Achievement (TEA) Program, Muskie and Global UGRAD programs.


As a curriculum development specialist, he was involved in the Education Quality and Relevance project by the World Bank and Ministry of Education and Science of Armenia. In Spring 2007, Tigran with two colleagues completed the Social Studies textbook and teachers’ guide that are currently mandatory readings for 8th grade students and teachers in Armenia. Previously, they had published Fundamental Principles of Democracy: Civic Education, an alternative textbook and teachers’ guide for 8th and 9th grades.


As a part of an EU TACIS Support to the development of an Integrated Vocational Education and Training system team, Tigran developed a Master’s level modular curriculum for the Armenian State Pedagogical University (ASPU). Additionally, he co-authored a manual on Pedagogy for Teachers of Artisan and College-Based Vocational Education Institutions for UNDP.  [02/17]



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