I recently finished Peace Corps service in the Republic of Armenia and returned to the US where I immediately jumped right into the master’s program at the CIE.  During my service in Armenia I finally came to terms with the realization that I would pursue a career in education, something that I had rather actively avoided for many years. 


My interests have always been many and varied including, among other things, anthropology, psychology, philosophy, puns, foreign languages, all things Rhode Island and, particularly, entomology and for many years I sought my direction would in one or more of these. 


However, during my service I found, once again, how much I enjoy teaching and working with children something I first discovered working at the Roger Williams’ Park Zoo and later had reinforced at the Museum of Science Boston.  I am now coming to terms with this realization and am determined to continue that direction in the context of international education, a path on which I hope I will continue to have the opportunity to learn and use foreign languages, a mild addiction of mine.


Admittedly, my prior academic and experiential background is strongly in the biological sciences, particularly entomology, and, with that in mind, among my interests in International Education is the development of zoos as educational institutions, a concept quite well developed in the United States and Canada, but significantly less so abroad.  On the other hand, my experiences in Armenia also piqued my curiosity in the Soviet Education system and its continuing influences on education in the Commonwealth of Independent States.

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