Simeon Afouda (Ed.D. 2016)

In February of 2019, Simeon visited CIE in its new home in Montague House.  He met the new Director and some old friends.  He shared the following about what he has been doing.


I have spent the past five years in the Dammam, Saudi Arabia, working for a Saudi company, where my main responsibilities are teaching English as part of pre-employment training for recent college graduates.


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Satomi Kamei (Ed.D. 2016)

After graduating with her doctorate in May 2016, Satomi began work in Uganda in August with JICA where she is part of a project supporting district governments.


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Zia Andar (M.Ed. 2018)

Zia Andar completed his Master’s degree in International Education in 2018 at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, supported by the Fulbright Scholarship program. Coming from an aid dependent country, Zia’s research focus was on effectiveness of international aid in educational programs.  His Master’s project is available on the UMass Scholarworks site here.


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Hye Seung Cho (Ph.D. 2016)

I am now an Associate Research Fellow at the Korean Women's Development Institute, which is a leading government-funded women's research institute under the Prime Minister's Office in South Korea. My job is in the Center for International Development & Cooperation within the institute. I am in charge of research and projects regarding gender equality issues, especially at the international level.

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Yang Gyeltshen (Ph.D. 2016)

Yang Gyeltshen is currently leading a group of five teachers for Lhomon Education, a project of the Samdrup Jongkhar Initiative, a registered civil society organization in Bhutan. The Initiative aims to bring education alternatives to eastern Bhutan and beyond.


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Blake Marcus (M.Ed. 2018)

After graduating from Connecticut College with a double major in Philosophy and Hispanic Studies in 2010, I spent the summer in Cambodia getting my TESOL certification for teaching abroad. My time in Southeast Asia led me to develop a love of working internationally. Later that year I moved to Montana for the snowy winters and spent my summers teaching English across the globe and setting up international exchange programs for high school students.


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Larissa Chekmareva (M.Ed. 2005)

I am a graduate of CIE (M. Ed, 2005) and come from both Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation. After 20 years of working in education, I am now starting the Ph.D. program in International Education.


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Mohammad Iqbal Halimi (M.Ed. 2018)

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world - Nelson Mandela.  


I am from Afghanistan and I strongly believe that the only way we can transform chaos into good governance and efficient management in fragile states is to replace war, guns and discrimination with pens and books, friendship, love, tolerance and cooperation.


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Sahara Pradhan (M.Ed. 2018)

I am now a first year doctoral student from Nepal in the International Education program and in the Center for International Education. I completed my BA in Political Science and Education at Vassar College in New York and my MA in International Education at UMass Amherst.


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Lina Heaster-Ekholm

The strong integration of research and praxis at the Center for International Education was one of the main reasons I was attracted to this program. I am impressed by the extent to which faculty members and fellow students are actively engaged in international development work, and excited about what we can learn from each other. I am also drawn to the diversity of nationalities and perspectives represented within the program.

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